Find Colleges That Will Offer You the Best Merit Scholarships

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Since 2015, we have helped college-bound families and college-related professionals find colleges that will offer great merit scholarships and focus their college search on affordable options

College-Bound Families

Don’t qualify for need-based aid? Merit scholarships offered directly by colleges are your best option to find affordable schools. Colleges use these tuition discounts to attract good students.

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College-Related Professionals

Are you a Guidance Counselor, Independent Counselor/Consultant, or Financial Planner? Help families find schools currently offering great merit scholarship their student will qualify for.

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Colleges Are the Largest Source of Merit Scholarships

Search through over 15,000 merit-based scholarships offered directly by colleges around the US to find the schools that will offer you the best merit scholarships!

Three Ways to Search, One Consistent Experience

Quick Search by College Name

Enter a college name to see all of that school’s “listed” merit scholarships for incoming freshmen.

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Advanced Search With Criteria Selection

Select your own search criteria to hone in on the scholarships you are eligible for  including scholarship type and amount. 

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Merit Aid For Students Without Financial Need

Search by colleges that offer the most merit aid to students who don’t qualify for any need-based aid.

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Find Out How Many Colleges Are a Match

Do a Trial Search by entering the student’s GPA and ACT or SAT Score. Then select which types of merit scholarships you want to look for:

  • Automatic Scholarships
  • Competitive Scholarship
  • Talent Scholarships
  • National Merit/Hispanic Recognition Scholarships

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Merit-Based Gift Aid

If you won’t qualify for need-based aid, the best source of merit-based gift aid is directly from the colleges.

Over 1,350 Colleges

The best colleges for merit scholarships are likely to be ones your student isn’t already considering.

All In One Tool

Save time by searching for the best merit scholarship opportunities for your student all in one place.


This is the most affordable option to find schools that will offer great merit scholarships using a little DIY time.

Customized Search

Using our Advanced Search function, you can fully customize your search to target the right opportunities for your student.

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