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Scholarship Type Definitions:

  • Automatic = If student meets criteria listed, student is AUTOMATICALLY awarded the scholarship
  • Competitive = The student is not guaranteed a scholarship, even if criteria are listed. Students who meet the criteria are considered for a scholarship, but not automatically awarded a scholarship. Also, there may be a separate application process.
  • Talent = These scholarships are based on a talent such as music, theatre, art, dance, etc
  • National Merit/Achievement = Includes scholarships for national merit finalists, semi-finalists and commended students. Also includes National Achievement and Hispanic Recognition scholarships. Scholarships may be automatic or competitive.







The ACT, SAT and GPA Score searches will only show you scholarships that have minimum criteria for ACT, SAT and/or GPA. There are MANY scholarships available that do not have minimum ACT, SAT and/or GPA requirements. To see these, please select search by Scholarship Value or Search by Scholarship Type.