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With a yearly subscription, you get two 30-minute “office hours” online meetings to help you search for the right scholarships for your student. These are Live sessions where we will walk through the site and answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the questions we get the most.

What’s the difference between a monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription?

The yearly membership offers two 30-minute “office hours” sessions to help you get the most from your scholarship search. These “office hours” sessions are Live online meetings where I share my screen to walk through using the site. The only differences between the monthly and quarterly memberships are that the monthly membership auto-renews and the quarterly membership offers a $5 discount over a 3-month term.

How do I cancel a monthly auto-renew subscription?

Before the end of your monthly term, you can cancel your subscription.  Access is revoked as soon as you cancel. The monthly rate is charged at the beginning of the month, so cancelling during the month does not generate a refund. It just stops the auto-renew for the next month. Go to the My Account page to cancel your subscription.

Are all colleges in the U.S. listed on the site?

Only colleges that offer merit scholarships are included. There are around 40 well-known competitive colleges that do not offer merit scholarships. These are not listed on the site. In addition, we did not include very small or obscure colleges. We focused on colleges that are included on the Forbes, Money and U.S. News best colleges list. There are over 1,350 colleges included on Merit Scholarship List.

How do I cancel a yearly subscription?

Canceling a yearly subscription through the My Account page on the site will not result in a refund. To discuss refund options, please email me at As soon as you cancel on the site, your access is revoked.

Does the site include private scholarships?

Private scholarships are not included in the site. Colleges themselves are the largest source of merit scholarships, by far,. If your student has already decided on a college, and you want to find private scholarships to help with the cost of college, I recommend using Cappex, JLV College Counseling, and Google searches to find private scholarships.

How often are the scholarships on the site updated?

We check for dead links and scholarship changes monthly. Unfortunately, colleges do not all update their scholarship offerings for the next year of applicants on the same schedule, but we try to identify changes as soon as possible. We also find new scholarships to add throughout the year.

Are all merit scholarships offered by the listed schools included?

No, we do not include scholarships with listed amounts less than $2,000. We believe that most families are looking for larger merit scholarships that will significantly reduce the cost of a particular school.

What’s the difference between “listed” and “unlisted” merit scholarships?

“Listed” merit scholarships are the ones the colleges list on their websites. You can go school by school to find these, but we list them all in one resource so that you can identify the schools that will offer your student the best merit scholarships. “Unlisted” merit scholarships are the ones that colleges do not advertise. Not all colleges offer unlisted merit scholarships. The only way for families to know is to contact the college to ask if they offer more merit scholarships in addition to what they list on their website.  Some colleges will be open about this information and others will not.

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