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We Offer Three Ways to Find Merit Scholarships Offered By Colleges

#1 - Search by School Name To Quickly View a College's Scholarships


No need to hunt around on a college’s website to find all the merit scholarships offered. We compile these in one place. Just enter the college’s name in the Search by School view.

#2 - Search by Merit Aid for Freshmen Without Need


Find the colleges that offer the best merit aid for freshmen who don’t qualify for need-based aid. You can search colleges by percent of freshmen without need who receive merit aid and by average amount of merit aid received by freshmen without financial need.

#3 - Use the Advanced Search Function to Find the Right Colleges


We offer many different ways to focus on the right colleges for your student in the Advanced Search function.

We always use the student’s GPA (required) and ACT/SAT score (optional) to narrow down to scholarship they qualify for.

In addition, we offer these ways to search:

Advanced Search Criteria

Search by State

Search one or more states

International Students

Isolate your search to only include scholarships available to International Students

Public and Private Colleges

You can isolate your search to Public Colleges or Private Colleges or search both

Scholarship Amount

You can search Full Ride, Full Tuition, Half Tuition and More, Less Than Half Tuition, Out of State Tuition Waivers, Variable Amounts or All Amounts

Automatic or Competive Scholarships

You can isolate your search to scholarships that are automatically offered based on GPA/ACT/SAT or other criteria. You can search just for scholarships awarded competitively. Otherwise, leave it defaulted to search for both types.

Talent Scholarships

Does your student have a high level of talent in Art, Music, Dance or Theatre? You can include these in your search or isolate your search to ONLY talent scholarships.

Minority Scholarships

Many colleges offer minority scholarships or diversity scholarships. You can isolate your search to just this type of scholarship.

National Merit/Hispanic Recognition

Do you have a student who is a National Merit commended student, semi-finalist or finalist? Do you have a student who is a Hispanic Recognition scholar? Many colleges directly offer scholarships to attract these students. You can isolate your search to only these types.

Search by Major

Does your student know what they want to study? Search the top colleges for 22 different majors and find the merit scholarships these schools offer.


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